queerDOC - Day Two (part 1)

‘UNDETECTABLE’ Dir: Jay Corcoran, USA, 2001, Beta SP, 76 mins (25% full) score: 3 out of 5 Well, okay, not the best film ever made, but still some interesting stuff. This film follows 6 people as they try to combat HIV over a four year period. More than anything its an educational film for people that don’t know about AIDS or HIV, of which there are more and more. The film is one of the depressing ones I was expecting to be part of the festival of the 6 people the film followed, two of them were dead at the end and only two had a viral load at undetectable levels. The word ‘Cured’ is not used when discussing HIV, the closest is ‘coping well with treatment’. AIDS has now been around for 20 years, with the first case of diagnosis in the US in 1981. But with the treatments that exist now there is a misconception by the world that AIDS is under control. After the screening there was a discussion that attempted to bring the issues of the film to an Australian context. For more information about queerDOC 2001 or Queer Screen.