queerDOC - Day Two (part 2)

‘OUT IN NATURE: HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM’ Dirs: Jessica Menendez, Bertrand Loyer & Stephane Alexandresco, UK, 2001, Beta SP, 52 mins (75% full) score: 5 out of 5 A matter of fact and graphical doco about homosexual behaviour (which is different from homosexuality) in the animal world. This film takes a even hand to a subject that has in the past been edited out of scientific research. For some time any scientific research that has dared bring up the subject of homosexual behaviour in animals has also tried to justify this behaviour in various ways, this film looks at these theories and then presents a group of animals in which this is clearly not the case. For example one suggestion was that animals have homosexual sex as a ‘second best’ when there are no animals of opposite sex around, while perhaps true for some groups of animals it is shown to be not true in all cases. And so after a rather extensive look at the various different theories and animal groups the doco basically comes to the conclusion that not enough is known to be able to say anything for sure. It is perhaps the things that the doco does not say that are its greatest message. The doco does not explicitly draw any conclusions about human homosexual behaviour one way or the other, but it does make you think. ‘PLUSHIES AND FURRIES’ Dir: Rick Castro, USA, 2001, Beta SP, 22 mins (75% full) score: 5 out of 5 A nice fluffy look into the world of plushies (stuffed animals) and furries (people that like to dress up as animals). This fun little film doesn’t try to justify this life choice it simple presents it as an option and shows some warm and genuine people dealing with issues like trying to explain it all to mum. ‘STEERS AND QUEERS’ Dir: Paula Gauthier, USA, 2000, 16mm, 30 mins (75% house) score: 4 out of 5 This is one of those docos that shows a world I hadn’t even known existed, that of the gay rodeo. A world were gay guys and galls love being thrown off horses and bulls. Sure it ain’t for everyone, but it is for them and its good to see that they can continue to enjoy a part of their life without fear or discrimination. For more information about queerDOC 2001 or Queer Screen.