Know they world and know they self

I’m the kind of guy that likes to think he has a pretty good idea of how the world works. At least at some basic levels. I like to think that when I pat someone to do a job they’ll do it, when I drop something it will fall down, that the sun will come up again every morning even if I’m not there to watch it. Simple stuff. I like to think that if a tree falls in a forest it does make a noise. There is one thing that at the moment is throwing my whole world view into turmoil, Shower Sparkle, I mean you just spray the stuff on and suddenly your bathroom doesn’t even get dirty… how the hell does that work??? Fine I can think of lots of ways that it //might// work… but none that you’d actually want to be anywhere near or use of a regular basis. My world is falling apart and I couldn’t be arsed to pick up the pieces.