The story is a virus?

We are trying to get our head around the idea that Mr. Golding presented recently on his log. We’ve been accused of being linear and structured in the past (by one of our best friends and although he was simply stating a fact we got the feeling he was also insulting us), we do not deny this. Even when presented with stories that are by nature non-linear we tend to (in our mind at least) try to put everything back “in order” as it were. We are aware that sometimes this is pointless, and even detrimental to the story. But this new thing (for which there is not yet a name) is almost the most opposite to linear there could be. And this hyperlinearity is two fold, first you have the writers as they write based on what they have read and the order they read it in and second you have the readers who may read different “chapters”(?) in a very different order, possibly even a unique order. The story would very much belong to the reader… is it perhaps a Choose Your Own Adventure, but without knowing what the choices are? Regardless, it should prove an worthy experiment. All we have to do now is work out what (and how) to write for it.