In which Broadsword takes an unexpected turn

Yesterday I received a simple e-mail from The Keeper of the Sword (aka web host dude), Steve Leahy. He requested some changes to Broadsword. Specifically the closure of the Book Details section, and replace it with a redirection to The TARDIS Library. This is a good idea, the result will be that anyone that actually still reads Broadsword will have up-to-date info. Yet I feel as if I’m giving up on something again. Time will tell, it always does. As it happens I’ve been rearranging my bookshelves at home (as a result of getting a nice new glass fronted bookcase for my birthday), which means that I’ve been rearranging my Doctor Who books a bit so the timing of these changes to Broadsword are kind of odd. It has a feeling of putting the books in a box and locking them away never to be seen again. Which is not how I feel about my Doctor Who books (especially the good ones). I doubt I’ll ever want to hide my Who collection… but I can see that it may be necessary at some point. Anyway it is done. Broadsword is now a lighter site. In one single move (actually lots of key strokes) the site closes down three of the six sections. Still to be found are the Fiction, the Archives and the FAQ’s, yet even these need work.