We know who you are!

For a while now we have been tracking who it is that actually reads this site. And in our scanning of the logs we’ve come across some interesting stuff. But none more than this, someone out there in the big bad world someone thought “Hey, this blog is just to darned easy to understand, I’ll just use the Powers-Of-The-Internet (tm) to make if more of a challenge”, and so this poor soul reads my site as translated into Pikachize. Check it out. The Blog of Cranleigh in Pikachize And for more fun The Pikachizer Whilst we’re talking about our beloved readers I should mention that we are now up to a total of 4 (four) regular readers (no, not counting ourselves). We welcome Alan to the fold, yet we still wonder what it is that actually makes you people keep coming back. None the less we are strangely happy.