Mac OS X

For a while now (since we got out of hospital) we have been using Mac OS X. Last Thursday we got our hands on the latest update, so now we are running Mac OS X 10.1 and things changed noticeable. Brief history, late last year (2000) Apple released the official Public Beta, whilst interested I could never bring myself to try using it as my base system. In March they released 10.0 which is now fondly looked upon as the ‘fools rush in’ version. And we are such a fool. But now our struggles have been rewarded with an operating system that does not crash, looks likable and just plain works. Nothing is like it was in any previous version of the Mac OS. And as soon as the software giants get off there buts and release native versions of their important stuff then things will be better than ever. Let us be clear however, there is still room for improvement. There is a large gap between “the best currently”, and “perfect”.