Oh Internet, how thou mock me!

This is the part that I hate! Without much trouble I could (but wont) download MP3s of all of the songs from the musical episode of Buffy! Meanwhile I’m going to have to wait about six months to actually get to see it. There are a bunch of websites that I visit run by like minded Buffy fans, however most of these people happen to live in the US, and while they have fun stuff like Anthrax, they also get Buffy early. Very few of these sites ever give a thought to the fact that readers of their site might not have yet seen the latest episode. So I’m now on extra padded spoiler alert, unless your gonna send me the episodes on tape for me to watch, I don’t want to hear about it! (For the record I am equipped with both PAL and NTSC technology, hell I’ll even dig up a Beta player if needed.)