Harry Potter and me go way back, we’ve been friends since our days at Hogwarts.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the whole ‘Harry Potter’ thing, even people that have not yet read the book or watched the film. But before I dare comment on my friend Harry, has anyone yet had the experience of talking to a person (usually a young person) that has seen “The Phantom Menace”, yet they’ve never heard of Luke Skywalker??? These are people that don’t know Ben Kenobi, don’t realise that C-3PO is gold (mostly), don’t know what a Wookiee is, have never seen the Falcon fail to jump to light-speed. Okay, now breath a little, if it wasn’t for the yearly repeats of the the original trilogy over the past 20ish years there would be a lot more of these people than there are. But they exist. There are even some that are proud of this ignorance. The gut twisting feeling of unease and sadness that fills your head when you realise these people are real is close (but not the same) as the feeling I get listening to someone talk about the Harry Potter movie when they clearly have never read the book. They have missed out on a beautiful childhood experience. “But” I hear you say “Dave, your 28.” And why should that prevent me from experiencing thing as a child. Did you sleep through Peter Pan or what??? Perhaps for some this is no longer a possibility, but we were all children once. If you go looking for the deeper meaning of life or to be profoundly challenged, you will be disappointed. And whose fault would that be? There is much here that will never be understood by those late to the party, who will find themselves being told all about the funny things that happened before they arrived but ‘you had to be there’.