In science we learn to observe. Observation is the singularly most important skill of a scientist. To be able to view and record what takes place without bias. The best observations are impartial. The observer must go to every effort possible to remove their influence from the situation. The simple act of observation may have an unpredictable effect on the events. So the observer must be as non-intrusive as possible, almost invisible. Like any member of the species I am a keen observer of the human condition. Unlike most I strive to be an impartial and objective observer. In this goal I have been partly successful. My faculty of observation is, in truth, no better or worse than average. Which is disappointing to me, but there seems little I can do about it. My capacity for invisibility is great, yet beyond my control. Hence I am almost entirely invisible and lack the ability to make myself seen. Actually it is far worse than simply being unseen all the time (for that would have its advantages). When I wish to be seen I find I am invisible, when I wish to be unseen I find I am visible. Why can’t this be the other way around?