My Rings

Almost all of the time, I wear two rings. I know what your thinking, but its nothing like that, both are clearly visible when I’m fully clothed. earring (9k image)One of these rings is an ear ring. I got my left ear pierced some time ago now, I’m not sure exactly when it happened, about 8 years ago. I do remember thinking “what, is that it, I’ve have mosquito bites worse than that”. This simple piercing seemed to be a cause of some concern to my close friends that the time, even though my family my no big deal out of it at all (my dad even has his ear pierced now). My friends grilled with many questions, perhaps this was them simply wanting to understand, perhaps it was them expressing their disapproval. One of them even tried it himself for a while (but that’s his story). It’s my piercing, it is a part of me (or rather an absence of me I suppose). I’ve worn different things in it, mostly studs or simple silver rings. Currently and for the past two years I’ve been wearing a bent barbell and the only time I’ve actually taken that out was when I stayed in hospital last year. I like the silver bent barbell and will probably continue to where it until I find something that I like even more. There is a tendency to push this boundary and with each new piece of jewelry choose something more outrageous. claddagh (9k image)The other ring is a lot newer, its importance to me is much easier to put into words. It is a silver Claddagh ring and is currently worn on my right ring finger with the crown towards my body (oh you better believe that means something but I’m not telling you unless you ask). It is the same ring design that Angel gave Buffy, but that is not why I wear it, actually that was a reason that I didn’t get one sooner but in the end I thought ‘fuck it’. It gives me a strange link to a heritage I like to think I have but don’t really (there is strong Irish blood in the veins, but I’m not an Irish man, maybe one day I will be but not at the moment). It is a ring of love, friendship and loyalty. Mostly I take it off when going to bed, and I don’t wear it at the gym, but that is just for convince. These two silver rings are an important expression of my identity. Without I feel a bit naked.