Inner Narrative

Inner Narrative I sometimes forget that readers of my blog don't have access to my inner narrative. So, a bit of background. In mid March I started studying, the subject is 'Digital Media', which means I'm learning all the stuff I already know about computer based graphics, design and publishing, but this time I'll actually get the little piece of paper that says I know this stuff (because we all know that 15 years of self taught experience counts for less than fruit-fly shit). So in the weeks since I started this course I've learnt Computer Fundamentals (aka how to turn on a computer), The Internet (aka how to look up porn), Graphics and Publishing (aka now that you've had two weeks experience with computers producing a logo, letterhead, bizcard, flyer, cd cover, abstract photoshop art, and a map should be simple) and now where up to 2D Animation. The business card from a few entries ago was the one that I did for an assignment in class, a mock up, I might use it for other stuff I do in class, but thats it. I'll probably end up posting a few things that I do in class and share with the world the fun I'm having.