I just don’t get it

Okay, the wallet being stolen thing was annoying, basically got a ‘well now I’m going to have to go through the bloody hassel of replacing everything’ reaction from me. But todays update is just strange. Got a call this arvo from a guy who says my wallet was handed in and would I like to come and pick it up, he says the guy that handed it in said there was some money in it, but it was the banks policy to not go looking through the contents any more than they had to so he couldn’t confirm this. Anyway, by now I’m thinking ‘well wasn’t expecting to ever see it again, and I’ve already canceled the important cards, but hey, be good to get it back’. So I ask the guy where he is and he says Bankstown. This is where I do a double take cause Bankstown ain’t anywhere near where I lost it. So I make arrangements to go out that way later in the week. But I’m left thinking ‘holy fucking penguin crap batman’ this is weird. Why would someone steal my wallet, take it all the way to bankstown and not take the money out? Anyway, I’ll go out there on Firday and try and solve this mystery. It just feels a little wrong to me.