Work? On a Saturday? Are you mad?

Grrr, working on a Saturday is evil. Evil I say!!! Okay, sure so this just happens to be the first time ever I have had to work on a Saturday. But still. Balmain is happening outside, lots of cute guys and gals walking up and down the street in designer three quarter lenght jeans and designer tanktops, all having a good time and not working. And then here I am, in a collared shirt and with a tie on, having to smile and dispense information to the ignorant. Actually its been good, more cruisy than the weekdays. So, yeah, incase I forgot to tell you, I got me a job. I’m now working for Next Byte as a salesman in Balmain. Who’d have thought, me a salesman? Just don’t go getting any ideas about this changing me or nothing. Man I need a real job.