It just hit me, my years at school really did scare me a lot more than I have previously thought. Whilst at school I went and did the obligatory work experience thing, and did not have a good time, got scolded for things that I had no way of know better than, given the wrong sort of work to do, shouted at, ignored, and various other unpleasantnesses. All of this is old news, and although an unpleasant situation to be in for 2 weeks… it was better than being at school. However today I occurred to me that this really did ingrain in my mind a level of fear of the workplace. Not work itself, sure I’m lazy, but I get things done. No, fear of the atmosphere, the people, the mentality of the workplace. This of course shaped other decisions and was very likely being some really dumb things I did. Bombing out of Uni… twice… for example.