Tech Support, at the last second?

Why, I mean, really, really, WHY? Why does everyone always ever leave any sort of tech related advice or question until the deadline to ask? Today’s example @ 4:45pm the boss wanted help taking a word file home to work on. But then she tells me she can’t get email at home, and her computer is 10 years old, so no USB, no DVD, but she is sure it can do CD. All I have to do is teach her how to burn a CD. Which she has never done with her work computer, and I’ve never done with her work computer. Plus, we don’t have any blank CD’s. And so all this is my fault, because she needs to finish this report tonight, because her boss wants it tomorrow. Compare to me. I almost never work on work stuff from home. But I’ve tested the setup. I know I can email, sync, USB, CD and DVD a file to myself if I ever wanted to. I have actually gone to the trouble of making sure this all works. Hell, I can even log into my work computer from home if I had to. Blah, I’ve had enough, time to go home and not care.