Winter Solstice

Well, the solstice slides on by, and after the poor results of the equinox drinks I decided to scale these ones back. Just me and a bottle of good Irish whiskey.

Just in time planning…

I am still very undecided on the subject of ‘just in time’ planning, the whole, “lets do something on Sunday, I’ll ring you” and then actually calling at the time you want to meet up, rather than ever pre-arranging anything. While I also disagree with one of my friends, who cited this as his reason Just in time planning…

A lot and a little

Hmm… it is strangely amazing how a lot and a little can happen in the space of seven days… at the same time. For example. Mum went to Hong Kong for the weekend, she went over there to meet my eldest sister who was on her way back from two years in London. Both of A lot and a little

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

So, I was walking around a lot yesterday. When I need to think I usually end up by the harbour somewhere, I find it settles me and that is a good thing. But in my walking and thinking yesterday I found myself walking across the Harbour Bridge, something I like to do on a regular The Sydney Harbour Bridge

New Phone!

So I got me a new phone at long last. Decided to get a Nokia 3200, not because it has ALL of the features I wanted, but because it has at least all the features of my old phone, plus it will work more reliably. And by more reliably, I mean at all. My old New Phone!

Mobile Telephony

Since late 1999 I have been using my trusty Nokia 3210 as my main phone. My primary point of telephone contact and communication. And lets face it, 4 years of use out of a phone is considered “fucking good”. However it is basically true that for the last two years I’ve been considering my options Mobile Telephony

The big three-o???

So yeah… I’m 30 as of today. Guess i should say something profound about my stage in life, or what I’ve learnt so far on the journey, or something. Fuck that. If you do however want insight check this out The Random Profound Quote Generator.