Best left unsaid?

I am reminded tonight of a comment Alex made a few days ago. He said he sometimes wished he had a second web log, one that nobody read, one that he could safely slag out his friends without fear that they may actually read it. But I say to him, screw that, be as bitchy as you want on your blog. Don’t care what people might think. The reason I am reminded of this is a long and wandering conversation between Richard and I had this evening. Rich said many things, I said little. Mostly because I know I’d be taken the wrong way, and also because most of what I had felt like saying boiled down to “I told you so”, and I not keeping score so it doesn’t really matter. One subject that we went into a bit, and Rich brought this up which surprised me, was my Bernice story. If I understood rightly Rich’s basic statement was that the problems I’m currently having with the story are nothing more than a fabricated excuse not to actually write it. He may be right. But then again he hasn’t read it so I couldn’t go into specifics. Regardless, he had some very good ideas, as did Alex when I discussed the story with him. Bernice and the Doctor catching up for a chat and some tea is after all a boring story. Rich says I write as if I’m writing a dictionary… I’m still not too clear on what he meant by that. He also said that I can get away with a boring story if I tell it in an interesting way (and I’m assuming he doesn’t think my ‘dictionary’ style interesting at all). Of course I’m aware that Rich will most like read this post at some point, but what people make of what is written here is there own problem. For Rich more so than anyone else.