Mild depression

The world seems a slightly darker place today. We got our dole payment. Which is normally a good thing. But it was gone seconds later with the simple point and click at our online bank and sure the credit card wont bite my fingers off for a month but what are we supposed to do for the next two weeks? And what of the other bills? This, perhaps, wouldn’t be so harsh if my current unemployed status was by choice. Its not like we aren’t looking for work. Its not like we don’t feel ready to return to the work force. Whence our previous job ended we had indeed planned a brief pause before jumping back into it. But brief was supposed to be a month, maybe two. And sure, the whole getting greatly sick had kind of thrown that into disarray. We are troubled by a bleak looking future. And, despite not believing so, we seem to lack the knowledge or skill to alter the path we are on. Does that answer your question?