Summer is here

Despite evidence to the contrary it is summer in Sydney! For those (all one of you) on the other side of the planet that have to deal with the bizzaro concept that it actually gets could around Christmas time I’ll explain. Christmas day in Sydney has in the past been a hot, humid day, with the bar-b-q going at full smoke in the back yard, Aerogard all over everyone to keep the mosquitos at an acceptable level of annoyance. Only thing is with less than 12 days to christmas this seasons isn’t hot enough. Seems the years the human race have been putting in to screw up the environment are finally paying off. But things at my place actually feel right. Why??? The christmas tree is in place, the sun is rising before I get to bed and the last three days spent in front of the PlayStation have all conspired to put me in the right frame of mind. I’m in the mood for a picnic and spending more that the recommended daily allowance with my friends.